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Yes! Our jewellery is laser-cut and assembled in our Brisbane studio. We are a small team of makers, and everything is carefully created in small batches.

Our art reproductions are also made in house on our printer, Betty. Everything is quality checked and packaged in studio.

Maybe! Most months we do a release of new designs and some highly requested restocks.

Pieces will be in and out of stock as we try to keep up with demand in the studio, so if something sells out, please sign up to a "back in stock" email.

By signing up your email, you're letting us know which pieces people want to see back in the shop.

This is not a service I offer at this time, sorry. If you have suggestions, feel free to pass them on! I love to hear what people are interested in seeing.

If your jewellery has arrived and there is a problem with it, please send us an email through our contact page, and we will fix it as soon as possible!

If a piece of acrylic has fallen out, that is our mistake, and we will either fix, replace or send you a small tube of e6000 glue (always handy to have on hand if you are a brooch collector). We use Acribond glue in most cases, which melts and fuses acrylic together, then every individual piece is tugged and pulled to ensure it is secure. If we have missed something, and it has come off, please get in contact as soon as possible for us to rectify! Thanks.

Eliza Rose is not liable for any mishandling or failed delivery from the post office, and we are not liable for any damage incurred post-delivery. Once the parcel is out of our hands, we have no control over either the time taken or the handling of purchases.

We deal with problems like this on a case by case basis. Please file a claim with the shipping service first. If a print has arrived damaged, and proof is shown to us, we may replace for free, asking you to pay for postage for the returning print. Damaged reproductions must be returned to the Eliza Rose studio.

If you have written the incorrect address on your order, please contact us as soon as possible. If your order has already been sent, and the item returns to us, we will send it again, provided you repay for shipping. If the product is claimed at the incorrect address, you must contact your shipping provider, as we are not liable for replacing these items for free.

Not at this time, but it's definitely on the cards for the future.

Unfortunately, it's just not feasible to offer pre-paying, or hold pieces for people.

We don't generally do strictly limited runs with our jewellery, so if it sells out on release and you weren't in the position to purchase one, don't worry, likely it will come back!

Just pop your email address into the product page of what you missed out on. There is a section labelled "Notify me when this product is available".

Brooch backs are stainless steel; earrings are either stainless steel or 925 sterling silver studs, or gold-filled or sterling silver hoops (unless otherwise stated).

Please avoid contact with water (or intense humidity). Strong chemicals, sulfur, sweat and perspiration, chlorine, and harsh sunlight can tarnish and corrode the shine of silver. Polish your jewellery with a microfibre cloth to buff out tarnish.

Acrylic is easily scratched. Do not throw in your handbag with keys and sharp edges. Take care NOT to let it go through the wash, as the inked details may come off. Store pinned in protective box, or wrap in a microfible cloth to protect it to its fullest.

Acrylic mirror is the most delicate type of acrylic, and is easily scratched. Please buff very gently with a microfibre cloth - but ensure there is no grain/particle that might be ground into the mirror by the cloth first.

Thank you for reaching out, however as a standard I generally don't donate to other company/personal charity auctions or events, as I run my own throughout the year.

I prefer to run my own giveaways, raffles and money-raising endeavours through my business. It ensures I get to donate on my terms, help a cause I feel passionate about, and fit in causes around my regular releases.

Thank you for your interest in my business, and best wishes!

If you have broken or lost one earring and would like to replace it, we do offer that service on a case by case basis (provided we still have the materials in stock). Please get in touch.

Please be very gentle with acrylic jewellery. If dropped, pieces may snap off. Acrylic is easily scratched, so do not pop it in your handbag to be scratched by keys or other things. Wrap in a soft cloth or pin to the protective box your item came in when travelling.

If you have heavily scratched your brooch/earring, unfortunately we cannot fix it. Novus plastic scratch remover can help to an extent, but will not fully repair it. We recommend embracing it; imperfections can be unique beauty, don't you agree?

If you have dropped your jewellery and it has snapped, we can help! Please get in contact through our website to organise sending your piece back to our workshop. Buyer is to pay for postage. We love to repair broken items and extend their life - in most cases it will be fixable (as long as you have all of the pieces).

We do not offer refunds on original paintings. Please choose wisely, double check the colours in the room you're planning on putting it in, and feel free to email me for more photos.

If you have received a print and decide that it doesn't suit your home, please reach out within 14 days for a refund or exchange. Sometimes our vision just doesn't come together, and that's okay! Buyer is to pay postage. Print must be packaged securely and arrive in original condition, otherwise you will not be offered a refund/exchange.

Please do not panic buy jewellery, but take your time in ensuring it is the piece you want. :)

We don't aim to create unnecessary strain on Auspost, so please choose wisely. If you change your mind, please get in contact for a refund or exchange within 14 days. Buyer is to pay for postage. Once we have received the parcel back in its original condition, we can refund or exchange.

We do not offer refunds or exchanges on earrings, as it is a hygiene risk.

We do not offer refunds or exchanges on sale items, last-of-stock, or items from any Seconds Sales.

If you have sent me an email and haven't received a response, first please check you haven't responded to a no-reply email. I never receive these, so you will not receive a response! You may have also put in an email/enquiry and closed your browser before it completed. Double check the email you've sent it to is, then send a follow up email. Thank you!

I am often a forgetful fish, so please have patience with me! I'm trying my best. :)