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Swap to Topper

Have you bought hoop earrings and wish they had a topper instead? We can change that for you!

This listing is for if you don't own pliers and need us to swap the earrings over for you. If you own pliers and can do it yourself at home, please refer to this product: Swap to Topper DIY.

1. Buy this product. The price includes 2 x shipping costs (one for you sending us the earrings, and one for us sending the earrings back to you) as well as material costs.

2. The earrings will either have butterfly backs or comfort earring backs (with an acrylic circle around to help with grip). Please choose below.

3. You will be sent a digital paid-for return shipping label to your email address, which you will need to print out and secure to the parcel.

4. You package the earrings and send to us securely.

5. We swap over the earrings to toppers and post back to you. You will also get the hoops back.

Important: If you are after a couple of toppers, just purchase this once and pop in the notes section how many you're after, as this cost is just for postage.


Earring Back Clasp